Atomos Samurai Blade + Canon 5D Mark III Firmware – NAB 2013

[vimeo 63867985 w=560 h=315]

Some of you may know Ben of Film Live is a huge fan of Atomos, and he was delighted to speak to CEO Jeromy Young who announced their latest product, the Samurai Blade, at NAB. We had already expected an exciting announcement from the company after meeting up with them at BVE London, and we weren’t disappointed.

The device boasts a screen of 325DPI and 1Million Pixels (1280×720 @ 5”), offering amazing resolution and accurate colours. Jeromy showed us just how impressive the resolution was by focusing on one of the Atomos ladies, who were appropriately dressed in Japanese outfits. The touch panel on the device provides instantaneous response times and also offers gesture capability, which ensures that operating the AtomOS 5.0 on the Samurai Blade is always smooth.

Jeromy believes the Samurai Blade marks the future of recording, and will be shipping from June 2013.

Ben also brought up a previous issues regarding problems with obtaining a clear DSLR feed into the Ninja device. Jeromy was pleased to tell us that this problem had been addressed, as Atomos have been working closely with Canon to implement a clean feed, and now there is the capability at last to obtain HDM Out from the Canon 5D which is fantastic for those of us who use DSLRs to shoot our stuff.

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