Awesome Edelkrone Slider – NAB 2013

Film Live’s resident smooth operator Mat got up close and personal with an impressive piece of kit from Edelkrone – the Slider Plus – proving that in some cases, size doesn’t matter.

Mat spoke to designer Kadir Koymen who showed the Edelkrone Slider Plus in action. It’s designed for travelling and can be easily fitted into a backpack. Kadir admitted that upon first glance, the slider looks a little unimpressive – but it seems that in this case, appearances certainly are deceiving, as the slider provides twice the amount of rail travel and can also bear up to 8KG of weight. In addition, Mat was impressed by just how smooth the slider’s operation was.

The Slider Plus is currently in prototype phase, however will be shipping from Summer 2013.

Mat also looked at the Focus Plus, which combines handles with focusing. This piece of kit can be purchased at Edelkrone’s site now and offers unbeatable focussing precision.

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