Broadcast Minds: What’s Next Online with Newtek @ NAB 2013

Ben caught up with Carter Holland of NewTek at NAB, who are once again running and live streaming the Broadcast Minds conference at the show which, for the first time, has been chosen by NAB as one of their featured sessions.

It’s no surprise that the future of Internet TV has taken centre stage at NAB, with more and more people making content for an online audience. However, the Founder of NewTek Tim Jenison predicted back in the 1980’s that people’s favourite shows will eventually be made by themselves or someone they actually know. Fast forward to 2013, and we are living in an age where anyone can make a show online thanks so the powerful combination of technology and the Internet.

Carter explains that NewTek’s TriCaster line helps empower people to make their mark on the web, and started the Broadcast Minds event four years ago in recognition of the growing acceptance that content creation for an online audience was growing in popularity. It appears NAB have recognised this, as they have selected the event to feature as one of their general sessions. The Broadcast Minds conference will focus on the future of Internet TV with predictions for the future and what this means for popular culture. Carter predicts more and more integrated production due to the appetite for content which is more interactive and person to the viewer and creator.

The will feature an impressive panel of celebrity content creators such as MTV star Tom Green, Penn Jillette, Bruce Gersch of Fishbowl Worldwide Media and Shira Lazar of ‘What’s Trending’. Importantly, the CEO of Internet TV network Revision 3, Jim Louderback, will be on hand to moderate the event.

According to Carter, the TriCaster line makes it easy and more accessible for everyone to create content for online viewing, by packaging everything that is needed to broadcast and edit live content into one convenient box. The TriCaster line, which boasts four devices ranging in specification and price can be viewed in their entirety here

You can watch Broadcast Minds – Internet Content Creators Talk What’s Next Online at 9am PDT / 17:00 GMT and follow all the action and commentary on Twitter at #Broadcastminds

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