NAB 2013: Film Live Round Up


So, its all over for another year. 2013 was the first year Film Live visited NAB, and we’ve had a fantastic time. We can’t wait to go back to Vegas next year – in fact, the dates for next year have already been fixed – 5th-10th April 2014! 

Back in our Birmingham studio, Mat reflects on the best of NAB. There’s no escaping the fact that the future is 4K, and NAB is a great predictor of what the next year will hold in store for everyone who has an interest in the media industry. It is clear Apple are going to have to keep up to speed if they are to compete for a slice of the editing market with Final Cut Pro.

There were some exciting developments around camera support devices. Freefly System’s MoVI rig proved to be a huge hit with show-goers at NAB, a gimbal based system is capable of pulling off some pretty crazy (and impressive) camera movements. The MoVI M10, can support up to 10 lbs, equal to a standard DSLR kit, or a bare RED EPIC with prime lens, and weighs in at under 4 lbs so is totally portable. However, this excting new technology doesn’t come cheap – and the chances are many film makers will choose to rent rather than actually purchase this stabiliser. The MoVI requires two operators, and any ideas about simply attaching your, for example, C300 and getting to work are unfeasible. Indeed, getting everything in place can be quite fiddly.

Over at Edelkrone, a Turkish company who provide sliders, rigs, and accessories, really stood out for us. Now, we know there are loads of companies out there who are providing these items, but Edelkrone are, in our view, a little bit special, and the best we’ve seen in a long time. We covered Edelkrone at NAB and you can check out the video here.

BlackMagic Design really got us (and everyone else at NAB) excited. With the announcement of their new products – however, there were some issues. The Cinema CNG on the Pocket Cinema Camera was not yet working, however we were told it would be half the data rate of pro res. However, the proof will be in the pudding! This camera and the 4K Production Camera, there was no audio meter. However, once these issues are ironed out it is clear that Blackmagic’s new arrivals will put an end to DSLR domination. You can check out our full Blackmagic coverage here.

A topic close to our hearts here at Film Live is of course, online broadcast. NewTek have dominated the entry level market for sometime with their TriCaster system however Livestream appear to be hot on their heels. At IBC 2012 they announced their Studio 500 all in one switcher which fits into a lovely luggage sized bag. At NAB they announced a whole host of new products and interestingly, software for those of us who are brave enough to create our own system. We covered this at the show and you can check it out here. We’ll be bringing you a full review of the Livestream software within the next couple of weeks – so keep posted.

For a complete look at all the products we looked at, please check out all the content. We haven’t covered everything here, but there were some exciting annoucnements from Atomos and RED amongst others, all which were covered in our NAB shows.

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