RED Digital Cinema unveils The RED DRAGON 6K Sensor at NAB 2013

RED Digital Cinema have announced their long awaited upgrade to the RED DRAGON 6K Sensor. And the big news is that it is available to RED Scarlet users!


Film Live once again spoke to Ted from RED who had lots to say about the RED DRAGON 6K Sensor upgrade as well as other exciting developments.

The new sensor from RED Digital Cinema is capable of shooting 6K Resolution at 100 frames per second. This translates to 9 times more resolution than High Definition and over 19 megapixels. The dynamic range is expected to exceed an impressive 16 stops.

RED EPIC and SCARLET owners will be able to upgrade their existing sensors to RED DRAGON.

RED early adopters will be the first to experience RED DRAGON 6K via RED’s RED DRAGON sensor upgrade program.

Ted also spoke to us about the RED RAY, the first 4K Cinema Player to bring ultra high-definition content to your home, business or local theater using internet file based distribution.

We also looked at the new RED ROCKET-X which provides real time 4K playback directly to your 4K display or projector.

It’s amazing how far the company have come since we first spoke with TED back at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2009, when the Scarlet was nothing more then a silver block of metal!

For more info on RED DRAGON, visit the RED Digital Cinema website and the RED User Forum.

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