Review: Sony HXR NX30 plus our NAB gear, the Journalist Backpack and more!


This week, we have decided to treat you to an in-depth review of the Sony NX-30, which was a key part of our production kit over at NAB last month. We also want to let you have a nosy around all the kit we used while filming NAB 2013 in Vegas.


The NX-30, which offers HD recording, shows that in some cases, size really doesn’t matter. As you can see, Mat went to extreme lengths to demonstrate to you guys just how steady a shot this camera can offer, balancing the joys of nature and primal urges with technology. This is all thanks to the camera’s Balanced Optixal SteadyShot image stabilization system, which, as our review shows, allows the entire optical block to seamlessly float. So, even when zooming in, as Mat does in our review, there’s no undesirable camera shake.

Billie was impressed with the built-in projector which can be used to view rushes. She was treated to a 100 inch wide show of Mat’s antics, thanks to this feature which allows you to quickly look at what you have just shot.

Because this camera is ultra-compact, (fitting into the palm of our hands), it really helped us a lot whilst in Vegas. In the past, we’ve had little choice but to haul very heavy devices around shows such as IBC. In addition, the camera is compatible with the latest full HD formats including 1080/50p video, features a 26.0mm ultra wide-angle lens with 10x optical zoom (35mm equivalent: 26-260mm) and a back-illuminated 1/2.88-inch type Exmor R CMOS sensor. Like other NXCAM cameras in the range, it comes with the features professional users demand, including flexible timecode/user bit settings and XLR audio inputs for high reliability and high sound quality.

sony-vjbackpackIn addition to the camera, you can also get your mits on Sony’s new journalist kit, perfect for a one man crew. Simply, the offer is a backpack stuffed to the brim with everything you need, on top of the NX-30. So, you also get your audio equipment, a tablet, software, tripod, lighting, accesories and even a VAIO laptop. This effectively turns one person into a mobile film/edit supremo with the help of one handy backpack.

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