Sony 4K & Beyond at NAB 2013

Today Sony kicked off NAB 2013 with a look into the not too distant future of 4K workflows, from acquisition to distribution.

Sony’s press conference was the first of the majors to show their hand. And whilst the talk was not the most mind blowing, it did demonstrate Sonys commitment to 4k.

That said Sony demo’d 2 new 4k TVs, a 55 inch at $5k and a 65 inch at $7k, a huge shift towards having 4k in your living room.

On top of that a new content delivery system which promises in coming months to deliver content in full 4k.

A rare showing at the end gave us a glimpse into what goes on behind the scenes at Sony. With no information being given away it’s clear that there is a whole set of cine primes in development as well as a newer form DSLR and a prototype 4k camera.

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Stay tuned for our first full NAB coverage starting tomorrow.