The Aviator Travel Jib + Rocket Dolly – NAB 2013

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We first heard about Aviator through the crowdfunding site, Kickstarter. The company’s success has resulted them exhibiting at NAB and Ben caught up with Zeke Kamn who was present to tell us about the new Travel Jib, which achieved full funding via the Kickstarter site.

The jib, which is ideal for filmmakers and content creators on the go, can be compacted down to 24 inches and comes complete with a useful padded bag. It extends into a fully functioning jib and offers a six foot sweep, however the bigger your tripod the higher the jib will reach – with the right tripod, the jib can reach ten feet.

The device sets up especially quickly, so much so that a cameraman who worked on James Cameron’s Avatar movie used it the produce a commercial.

It’s currently in stock and shipping worldwide, and can reach the UK within two days.

Next up was the Travel Slider – AKA ‘The Rocket’. Currently featured on Kickstarter, this travel slider offers a six foot run and like the jib, can be slipped into your backpack. It holds up to 45 lbs and can be used in conjunction with the jib. The item will be featured on Kickstarter for two more weeks and can be obtained for $425, however this will rise to $525 once the Kickstarter period is completed. The rails can be purchased for $500, however the full kit can be obtained on Kickstarter for $799 for a limited period.

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