The Going Goods, Leo Goldenchild, Ollie Hipkins plus music video from Mary Desmond – Episode 6

The Going Goods are a contradiction. They make hip hop for people who don’t really like hip hop, sing blues that sounds kind of happy, are an acoustic band with a beatbox percussion…


Leo Goldenchild has unrivalled natural talent and is a genuine artist with such strong messages in his music stemming from his personal life experiences.

Official Website, YouTube, Soundcloud

Ollie is a member of the band Hey Zeus, and joins SoundCheck to perform some of his solo material.


Since Mary Desmond was 3 yrs old, she always knew she wanted to act and sing. Mary has released over 31 videos as a part of Fusion Beat and 15 videos of her own on YouTube. Mary loves theatre, acting, entertaining, and of course music. She is a great role model to her friends and family.

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